Idan Abolnik Founder of Kalah

Idan uses his experiences he has gained in the most respected unit in the Israeli Defence force called the Golani Unit

By combining and improving these three fighting styles, making them faster, and making them hugely more effective, it increases the chances of survival in attacks with enormous violence! Kalah is known as one of the most effective fighting styles in Around the world when it comes to survival in extreme situations! Kalah is for anyone who wants to learn to fight back, who wants to survive and understands that an attack can happen any time in any unexpected situation. At Kalah, one learns to accept that the attacks will be tremendously hard and violent, and that you can lose your life in one instant. It's not a "James Bond game".

Kalah is not a sport or a form of self-defence training. It's a combat mindset system. We need to change our mind set when it comes to the survival or protection of our family members. To be attacked is scary and this activates our "fight or flight" response that is to say a rush of adrenaline rants through our bodies and causes overwhelming anxiety, panic, tunnel vision, sweating and confusion. All these emotions come together in a split second!

It is learning to master our fears and respond to the threat and learn to survive! Victims are often misled when it comes to potentially violent criminals, they deceive you when they say that if you do what they want you will then come to nothing like in hijackings and armed robberies and rapes. It is not always necessary to give up and be submissive to your attackers. Many cases have been known that victims are still being abused, raped or even killed, even if they have met the demands of their attacker! Why not work on having the right skills to save yourself and to fight back!